Raymundo Feliz, the Dominican who will make history in the World Cup in Qatar

When next Monday the clock strikes 5:10 in the afternoon, Raymundo Feliz will begin a long trip to Qatar, where he will become the first Dominican to referee in a World Cup.

It is surprising that just 11 years after having passed a basic course for a sportswoman who never played, she will be the line judge of the most important world championships, something that the vast majority of her colleagues do not achieve in a lifetime.

“We will be traveling around 18 hours to get to Qatar and catch up on the mishaps and details involving the World Cup. There are nerves,” says Feliz, 32, aware of the challenge of representing some 11 million Dominicans in the fair that will be held from the 20th of this month to the 18th of December.

Nerves will try to turn them into the spark, the fuel that will lead him to leave the country well positioned.

“It’s a pretty big responsibility because I’ll be representing a country that has never participated in an event of such a level,” highlights the six-foot-tall, 175-pound young professional during a visit to LISTÍN DIARIO, impeccably dressed in a suit. FIFA grey.

“I practiced baseball, athletics, basketball, softball, swimming and triathlon,” reveals Feliz, who thought that it would be in one of those disciplines that he would represent the Dominican Republic at some point in the main sports venues, such as World Cups and Olympic Games, and not as an entity that will dispense justice.

He was a member of various teams at the Apec University, where at the end of 2011 the sports director of that academy, Roque García, after seeing his physical conditions, intelligence and desire to learn, advised him to take the arbitration course that the Dominican Federation of Soccer and FIFA.

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“At the time I recruited him to be a referee, he was a very restless boy. I saw a possible candidate. He knew about his tools because of the skills that he had shown, ”recalls Garcia.

“He is a very intelligent person. To be a soccer referee you have to be in very good physical condition and that was one of the parts that led me to support him”, he declares about the process in which two students from each of 12 universities took part, who have not had the same luck (?).

“I am very happy, I am satisfied, that he will achieve his dream and we will be able to see him at the top of refereeing in the world. I know that this was one of his great goals”, emphasizes the also director of the National University Sports Commission.

After officiating here in the Major League and the LDF, Raymundo’s career took a step forward in the Concacaf Under-15 Championship, in Bradenton, Florida (2017), where he was the main referee in the final between the United States and Mexico.

“It all started there. The advisors and administrators looked at me and gave me the opportunity to go to the Central American and Caribbean Games in Barranquilla (2018).

Then followed the Gold Cup, Concacaf Champions, League of Nations and the Under-20 World Cup in Poland (2019), which was a dream come true”, he emphasizes.



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