Raymond and Miguel want their next movie to be a drama

Raymond Pozo and Miguel Céspedes want to park the humor, at least in the next movie they are going to shoot.

This is what they have declared, during a meeting with the media that took place in Jarabacoa, the place where they are filming “La Trap”, a new production by Caribbean Cinemas Films, in which, in addition to the comedians, Caroline Aquino, Pepe Sierra, Jessus Zambrano, among others.

This film, directed by Frank Perozo, and which has a script written by Junior Rosario and Kendry Yanoreth, is an action comedy, in which, as they explained, Pozo is in charge of various risk scenes, which, as he explained, he does him and not a stunt double.

The humorist, who stressed that for the first time a physical change was required for a character, in this case he had to lose almost 10 pounds, said that he had to train a lot, an aspect of this production that he assured he liked, because he wants to give a turn to other genres. “I want to do comedy, because that’s what I am, it’s my essence, but I want to do a drama,” confessed Pozo, who hopes that the next time he is on a film set, it will be for a dramatic role.

Apparently, this will be true, since Zumaya Cordero, producer of Caribbean Films, has said that among the many projects they have, there will probably be a drama starring “The Kings of Humor.” “All of a sudden, who knows if one is a drama with Raymond and Miguel, who knows?” Cordero said.

“La trap” marks the sixth time that Perozo sits in the director’s chair, after titles like “Colao” (2017), “Qué León” (2018), “Los Leones” (2020), “La vida de los Reyes” (2021) and “Flow Calle” (March 2022).

For the actor of “Who’s in charge?” (Ronni Castillo, 2013), this shooting is special because he has returned it to Jarabacoa, the same space where he filmed “Colao”, his first foray as a director. From that moment to the present, Perozo commented that, although he still has a lot to learn, he now feels more confident than that time, thanks to the knowledge acquired, behind and in front of the cameras. “Having worked in this genre as an actor gives me a little more awareness as a director. But yes, the execution is much more laborious than any other film he has made”, he assured, since in this one, among other things, he is shooting it with many cuts per scene, something that will provide a more agile rhythm to the final result in the film. screen.

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But the fact that he is shooting one film a year does not mean that he has put aside his work as an actor, which, as he said, is his great passion, and for this year, several of the films in which he plays a character will be released. “I understand that I am making a beautiful and healthy balance between acting and directing”, Perozo valued.

The plot of the movie
Jaime (Raymond Pozo) and Johnny (Pepe Sierra) are uncle and nephew, owners of the air conditioning repair company “JJ Soluciones”, who when they are just beginning to set up their business they receive notification that a piece of land that has been in their family forever, it is legally owned by a third party, the powerful owner of a casino, so they are given some time to vacate.

Both will try to find the legal document that certifies their family as owners of the property, but the casino representatives will use their power to obtain the original title, with the intention of forging or destroying the document.

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