Raw Food Diet for Pets

Learn the secrets of the BARF or ACBA (biologically appropriate raw foods) diet for dogs and cats, the advantages and disadvantages of this type of diet for your pet, and how to apply it in practice.

What is the BARF or ACBA diet for pets?

Those who apply the BARF or ACBA diet to the lives of their pets strive to feed them better, healthier, and more natural foods, avoiding the highly processed pet foods often found in stores. The diet emphasizes fresh, raw foods of animal and plant origin, excluding commercial pet foods and industrial processed products.

What is the BARF diet for dogs and cats?

BARF is a diet that consists mainly of raw foods, including meat, bones, and organs. For dogs and cats, a small percentage of vegetables can also be added. The diet excludes commercial pet foods and industrial processed products. Expert Verónica Vicent states that this diet is the most natural and correct way to feed animals, and that it excludes feed and industrial products that cause a multitude of diseases in animals.

The essence of this diet is to feed dogs and cats foods that resemble what they would eat if they were free in the wild. According to expert Mónica González, the key is to know what type of food is most appropriate for a dog or cat’s physiology and anatomy.

Advantages of the BARF diet

The BARF diet offers numerous benefits, including an improvement in skin, muscle mass, immune system, joints, microbiome, and digestive system, as well as oral health. The diet also has enormous psychological benefits for animals, releasing endorphins and making dogs and cats happier.

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Disadvantages of the BARF diet

Experts found that one of the main drawbacks of the BARF diet is the need to purchase and prepare daily supplies, which can require dedication and effort. However, this preparation only takes about an hour a week, and some people even find it more cost-effective than high-quality commercial pet foods.

In summary, the BARF or ACBA diet for dogs and cats is a natural, healthy diet that emphasizes fresh, raw foods and excludes commercial pet foods and industrial processed products. While it may require some effort and planning, the benefits of the diet can be seen in the improved health and happiness of dogs and cats.

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