Ravi Bishnoi’s reaction to Gavaskar, he said: “You must have seen something only then you are supporting me”

Ravi Bishnoi, the young bowler of the Indian cricket team, has done well so far. However, he did not get a place in the India Team for the T20 World Cup 2022. Former Indian player Sunil Gavaskar has praised Ravi Bishnoi. Bishnoi has reacted to this. Ravi says that Gavaskar must have seen something in me, only him so he is supporting me.

Ravi Bishnoi said that supporting Gavaskar has increased his confidence. According to a story published in the Indian Express, Bishnoi said: “If he (Sunil Gavaskar) has supported me, then he must have seen something in me. If any of his people support veterans like them, their confidence increases. That would be significant for my.

Gavaskar had said in praise of Ravi Bishnoi: “The T20 World Cup will be played again after a few years. There are many World Cups to play now, so they can play in the future. He (Ravi Bishnoi) will now have to act in such a way that so that he can’t stay out of the team. He’s still young. Not joining the team will give him a new experience.

Significantly, Ravi Bishnoi does not yet have the experience of playing in many international matches. He made his T20 international debut playing against the West Indies. Bishnoi played the last T20 match against Pakistan in Dubai. He has played 10 matches so far and has taken 16 wickets during this period. Bishnoi have done well in domestic T20 matches. He has taken 78 wickets in 67 games.

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