Raveena Tandon came out in support of Richa Chadha! She had this to say about ‘ISI funding’ in Bollywood

 Raveena Tandon came out in support of Richa Chadha!  She had this to say about 'ISI funding' in Bollywood

Bollywood actress Richa Chadha’s tweet about the Indian army officer’s statement on the Galván case has sparked great controversy. Richa Chadha’s controversial tweet about the Galvan incident has created a stir in the Bollywood industry. All the movie stars are seen bumping into each other. Recently, a journalist took aim at the industry regarding the Richa Chadha controversy, on which actress Raveena Tandon has now retaliated and made a big statement.

Considering Richa Chadha’s controversial tweet about the Galvan case, Bollywood journalist Abhijeet Majumdar has made a tweet. In this tweet, Abhijeet has written that: ‘For the last four decades, money from ISI (Pakistan’s investigative intelligence agency) has poured into Bollywood. Sometimes openly through the underworld and sometimes secretly through their wealth, the existence of such blood traitors explains nothing.

Reacting to this tweet from Abhijeet Majumdar, Raveena Tandon has written that: ‘Abhijeet Majumdar, please don’t mix everyone up or equate them. Create hate against Hindi film industry. There have always been strong patriots in the movie industry. Which is thrown under the bus by a few people and all the good work done. So they have to face both opposition and poison. In this way, Raveena Tandon has taken out her wrath on Abhijeet Majumdar.

Upendra Dwivedi, the commander of the Northern Army of the country’s Indian Army, had recently given a statement on the Galvan Valley, in which the issue of control of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (POK) through the Indian Army was brought up. In such a situation, Bollywood actress Richa Chadha wrote ‘Hello Galwan’ tweeting on this matter. Following this, Richa was accused of making fun of the Indian Army on social media. However, Richa Chadha later apologized by deleting this tweet.


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