Raúl a Acosta: “Take them nine seconds and the World Cup for home”

Win to be a champion and to dream of being one in Valencia. So ambitious and real are the approaches of Pedro Acosta and Raul Fernandez Upon arriving at Portimao. The former leads Moto3 with a 21-point advantage over Dennis Foggia. The second chases Moto2 leader Remy Gardner 18 points away after crashing in the previous race on his way to victory. Both have attended AS at the same time on the Portuguese track, where they have hesitated for a while and have shown the good relationship between them. Of course, Acosta has a divided heart, because he is a good friend of Gardner.

-Raúl, do you think Acosta is going to be Moto3 champion this Sunday in Portimao?

-Raúl Fernández: Uff, everything depends on the race. If they end up like it did the first time we raced here, yes.

-Pedro Acosta: Get wet! Get wet! You have to get wet. (Laughs)

-Rául: I have already said yes. You win and you are champion. It is easy. (More laughter)

-Pedro, do you think that Raúl is going to delay Remy Gardner’s title here and that he will end up being the Moto2 champion?

-Acosta: Why not? Everything is open.

-What advice would you give to Raúl to carry out his difficult mission?

-Acosta: I can’t give him any, because he has more experience than me.

-And what would Raúl give the Moto3 kid?

-Raúl: I can’t give you any either because I’m new to Moto2.

-I’m not talking about when I get to Moto2 but how to win the Moto3 title.

-Raúl: Let him go out and, to make an easier race, go nine seconds and then manage. That is the ideal career. And World for home.

-They look very relaxed. Does the pressure go inside?

-Raúl: One question: what is pressure for people?

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-Generally, for normal people the pressure is to be able to make ends meet.

-Raúl: Exactly. This is not pressure then. This is a game, well, a big child’s game, we come here to have fun. The pressure is like you say, someone who can’t make ends meet. We have pressure, but dreaming about something. It is a dream that you never believe can come true. This is not real pressure.

-What can you say to that?

-Acosta: I see it well. I agree.

-Raúl: It’s breaded. (Smile).

-Pedro, do you have as good a relationship with Raúl as with Remy Gardner?

-Acosta: Yes. It’s good. It does not matter.

-Raúl: It’s from Remy, it’s from Remy. He bets on Remy.

-I, as a Spanish journalist, I prefer that the Spanish win the titles, but it is true that I also like Remy a lot and I like him …

-Acosta: If you are putting me in a commitment with the ‘naranjitos’. (He says it by the colors of his team, Red Bull KTM Ajo).

-Raúl: But we are both naranjitos. What commitment is there?

-Acosta: Already man, but there is commitment.

-Do you see yourself being a champion this Sunday? Winning has it all done.

-Acosta: I don’t believe anything. I want to go out tomorrow and see that everything has been resolved on last weekend’s bike. And to see them come.

– And Raúl sees himself winning again here?

-Raúl: Yes, yes. Let’s see, I don’t know and you have to get out on the track first, but the fundamental thing is that in the last four races, in speed, I am one step ahead. That is there and you have to know how to manage it.

-Good luck for both of you.

-Raúl: Thank you very much.

-Acosta: Thank you.

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