Ratna Pathak spoke about her marriage to Naseeruddin Shah and how there was no ‘rona-dhona’ at her wedding.

40 years have passed since the marriage of Naseeruddin Shah and Ratna Pathak Shah. The two share a great bond with each other and are the parents of two sons, Imad and Vivaan. Recently, Ratna has shared many things about her relationship and marriage to Naseer. When Ratna was asked in the interview what she liked about Naseer Sahab, she said it was like a lottery. The two first met in 1975 during a Sangam Se Sanyas Tak play.

After this, the two got married in 1982 after seven years of relationship. Ratna said, our marriage was excellent. Our wedding was one of those few weddings where both the bride and groom have a lot of fun. We had so much fun at the beach wedding. I swam a lot at the beach, drank wine and had a great time. There were no rituals or crying in our marriage. I remember when I was leaving my mother’s house, I sang many goodbye songs from Naseer and all the guests together. I want to marry my children in the same way, but neither of us gives any sign of marriage so far.

Ratna Pathak Shah recounted her love story with Naseeruddin Shah, said: 'There was a lot of fun on the beach in the marriage, there were no rituals or even crying.

Ratna recounted an anecdote during the date where they both went to eat at a restaurant for the first time and they only had 400 rupees. At that time, Ratna said, cooks used to be fancy restaurants with two menu cards. One for women in which the cost of the dishes was not added and the other was for men, in which the prices were written. When we first went together, we only had 400 rupees. Naseer went to the menu card with no prices written on it and I got the menu card with the prices. Naseer to know without price that everything was being ordered and was warning him not to do this. After taking orders from the waiter, Naseer and I were counting our money again, so that date was memorable.

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