Raquel Carrera: “I compete all year to be in the National Team”

Despite his 21 years, Raquel Carrera (1.88 m) is one of the great stars of the National Teama reference that has not stopped growing since he jumped from Celta Zorka to join the ranks of a Valencia Basket with which he has won a European Super Cup, a Eurocup thanks to two of her free kicks in the final and a league title with her as MVP. Now, at number 15 of the 2021 WNBA draft, leading the Selection area due to the absence of Astou Ndour.

What have you learned from the preparation?

Above all the work that we have done, not only in this preparation, but also in the previous summer, which helped us to work as a team. What we have made clearer is the desire we have for Eurobasket.

After the bad taste in your mouth left by the last championships, how eager are you to start?

Many. It has been noticed in these preparation games that we have played. We all want to play and show what we have been working on this month.

Do you want to claim?

In the end it is difficult to play a Eurobasket and some Games. The National Team came from a very good dynamic, of winning, to which people get used to and believe that it is normal… but it is not. Hopefully we can achieve the maximum, but for us the challenge is to compete in every game.

Laura Quevedo and Raquel Carrera celebrate Spain's victory over Iceland in the FIBA ​​Qualifying Windows.
Laura Quevedo and Raquel Carrera celebrate Spain’s victory over Iceland in the FIBA ​​Qualifying Windows.Julian PerezEFE

Do they have any goals?

What the ones that have been there the longest, the ones that have won the most titles, transmit to us is the enthusiasm with which they play each game. I see Alba (Torrens), Silvia (Domínguez), Laura (Gil), the number of matches they have with them and the enthusiasm with which each one of them plays. From there, we can get more things out.

Do you fear yourselves more or your rivals?

In equal parts. We are a factor that always counts, we are the ones who play and the game often depends on you, not the rivals. I think that we are doing very well right now and that we are reacting well. I see it face to face. But I have also seen the rest of the teams very well in their preparations. But if I have to bet, I always bet on my team.

Can a player like Astou Ndour be replaced?

No it can not be done. But neither to any other player. In the end, each of the missing ones brings different things to the National Team. If it is true that Astou is a reference and that she is not here, it influences. We have a good inside game that is going to try to make up for Ndour’s lack, just like the rest of the players that are going to contribute.

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Do you feel that with your absence you have more responsibility?

No. Miguel (Méndez) asks all of us to have the same level of responsibility. Contribute our highest level, the one we have been showing throughout the season with our clubs. I see it as continuing to add experience and continue to grow as a player.

Although speaking of responsibility to you, with what you have grown at only 21 years old…

I assume it as a continuing to grow. It is true that this year in Valencia we have done very well, we have won and everything is very nice, but bad times will come. Every player goes through some bad times, and I’m in a good one right now.

Raquel Carrera, with the Endesa Women's League title won with Valencia Basket.
Raquel Carrera, with the Endesa Women’s League title won with Valencia Basket.ALBERTO IRANZODiary AS

Does it make you dizzy to have grown so much in such a short time?

It’s not so much vertigo, but fear of not enjoying it enough. to stop There are many things in a very short time and you do not stop at any time to say everything you have experienced, but rather you continue working and continue to add experiences. I will stop in July and say ‘this year we have won a League’ or ‘I have been to some Games’. They are experiences that I love and that I would live forever, but you don’t stop to enjoy it.

Valencia was a good choice to grow, right?

Yes. They offer me a United States, but here in Spain. Because they trust in a five-year project, that few clubs can give you that in our League. And they allow me to grow little by little. The first year I go on loan, but then they consider that I can return to the team and work with them. They did a very good job with me and helped me grow from the beginning.

WNBA. A dream, an illusion, something that is there…?

It is what we talked about before: many things are happening to me and very fast. It is something that I would like to live, but right now I prioritize being in the National Team and being with the team, which is what I really like. I compete all year to be here at the best level. It is something that would make me very excited because it is one of the big leagues, but there is time.

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