Rapper Ice Cube is Dogecoin fan, sells NFTs to MyDoge wallet founder

Renowned rapper O’Shea Jackson Sr., aka Ice Cube, is joining the Dogecoin (DOGE) hype through a DOGE transaction he calls “incredible and historic.”

Basketball team NFTs

Mister Cube has taken his first steps in the Dogecoin world with the BIG3 basketball league which he is co-founder of. This organization has created a unique basketball league by pitting three players against each other instead of the traditional five players.

Last month, BIG3 came out with a new ownership model for the competition, where there are now tokenized stakes are sold from each team. There are a total of 1,000 non-fungible tokens (NFTs) per team. The competition consists of a total of 12 teams. There are also 25 ‘Fire’ NFTs worth $25,000 each and 975 ‘Gold’ NFTs worth $5,000 each.

On Wednesday, Bill Lee, co-founder of MyDoge wallet, sent a tweet to the rapper saying “if ya dig DOGE, me and the DogeArmy will take one as well,” or “If you like DOGE, me and the Doge army will make one too [NFT] take,” in response to the announcement that Snoop Dogg would also buy NFTs from two teams.

The rapper responded to the tweet with “come on Bill, you know I’m in down with the DogeArmy”

However, it is still unclear how down Ice is with the DogeArmy, yet BIG3 came out with an announcement that Lee has purchased all 25 Fire NFTs for the ‘Aliens’ team through the DOGE token.

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Dogecoin transaction is incredible and historic

The “incredible and historic” transaction, as Ice Cube called it, was worth some 4.86 million DOGE or $625,000. BIG3 called it the largest commercial transaction in the history of the DOGE cryptocurrency.

The Fire NFTs are the highest form of NFTs in a team and therefore also provide the most rights to ownership and other benefits such as voting rights, intellectual property/license rights to team logos, names and merchandise. In addition, when the owner of the NFT decides to sell their Fire NFT, they will also receive 40% of the proceeds from that sale.

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