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Rapper Alkpote throws joints to his audience at a festival

On Friday, the French rapper Alkpote performed at the Les Ardentes festival in Liège (Belgium). A performance that caused a lot of talk since the 42-year-old man launched a hundred joints to his audience.

“Have your fill, a rain, for you, of joy and happiness from the Emperor”, dropped the one who presents himself as the Emperor of filth, while his teams distributed the joints by handfuls, according to information from Sudinfo. An “offering” according to the rapper. A gift that did not convince the authorities.

Several dealers arrested during the festival

An investigation for a violation of the law on narcotics has been opened: “We asked the Liège police to draw up a report based on the images that are circulating so that light is shed on what exactly happened” , said the spokeswoman for the Liège prosecution. And to add: “We will see, at the end of the investigation, the measures that will be taken. The prosecution asked the Liège police to make the organizers aware of this type of behavior. »

For the moment, there is no evidence that the joints offered to the public contained illicit substances. Still, four dealers “of cannabis, cocaine and MDMA” were arrested at the festival site.

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