Raphy Pina: guilty!

Raphy Pina: guilty! Seven women and five men, the jury in his case, made that decision that puts the Puerto Rican producer at the gates of prison for several years.

The artistic manager and sentimental partner of the Dominican singer Natti Natasha faced two charges: one for possession of an automatic weapon and another for possession of a firearm by a federal convict, since the producer was found guilty in 2015 of bank fraud .

The producer is exposed up to a maximum of 20 years in prison, 10 for each of the charges.

For now, he will have to remain under house arrest until April 1, when the sentence will be handed down.

According to the newspaper El Vocero, the Federal Prosecutor’s Office requested to place Pina in detention, but her legal representative María Domínguez argued that the music producer is not a threat to the community and should remain free on bail until the sentencing hearing.

In the hearing room were figures such as the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI, in English), Joseph González, as well as artists represented by Pina Nieves, such as Ramón Luis Ayala Rodríguez, better known as Daddy Yankee and Natti Natasha, his fiancee. and mother of his daughter.

Pina, who is charged with possessing a Glock model 19 pistol, nine millimeter caliber and modified to fire automatically, a Smith & Wesson pistol, model SD40 and dozens of ammunition for .40 caliber pistols, ammunition for 5.7 caliber pistols, as well as for rifles and shotguns, among others .

The weapons were seized by federal agents during a raid carried out last year on a property of the producer, located in the Caguas Real urbanization and the Rogelio’s Ice Plant gas station, also in Caguas.

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Hours before going to the last day of trial, Pina published a message on his social networks with his four children and his wife thanking his followers for the support and claiming that said publication would not be the last if he is found guilty.

"God willing and that this is not my last post. This process has not been easy, but believe me that for those in these photos I go to the last consequences. I have Faith and I know that God knows my heart, my dedication and my posture" (sic), wrote the urban music producer.

"I will always be grateful for all who have supported me in this process, even if it is with a greeting or better yet, a prayer. Tomorrow I will go with the same strength and courage that characterizes me and that The Judge of heaven decides. Blessings and I come back and I repeat THANK YOU OF ALL. I love them"Pina added.

Pina founded her record label in 1996 and has represented some of the most important artists in the reggaeton genre, including Nicky Jam, Daddy Yankee and Don Omar.

He is also the manager of his fiancee, the popular Dominican singer-songwriter Natti Natasha, with whom he had a daughter this year.


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