Raphy Pina after completing his first year in prison: “Soon I will be able to hug my family”

The producer raphy pina He completed his first year in prison this May 24 after being sentenced to 41 months in jail, 3 years of supervised release and paying $150,000 for illegal possession of weapons, but he has surprised more than one with a message full of optimism. where he claimed to be “closer to the people I miss”, including his followers.

Soon I will be able to hug mine. Not everything is negative It all depends on how you look at it, face it and know how to adapt to the situation,” he continued.

In addition, Daddy Yankee’s manager and Natti Natasha’s fiancé spoke directly to those who, like him, are going through difficult times.

“There are many who read this and are going through hard times and no one listens to them, or silences them, they are prisoners in their ‘free’ lives. Do not allow yourself that life is one, ”he assured.

Pina also thanked for the letters she has received and offered the update of his new address in which you can see that he was transferred for the fourth timeis now in Federal Prison Camp, apparently a minimum security facility.

Blessings to all and thank you for all your letters. My new address: Rafael Pina 80073053 Federal Prison Camp Box 1000 Butner, NC 27509,” he concluded.

The owner of Pina Records was taken on June 28 from the Guaybano Metropolitan Detention Center, Puerto Rico, to the Federal Detention Center in Miami, Florida, from which on July 6 he was transferred to the Federal Correctional Institution, Tallahassee, Florida, but a day later he ended up at FCI Butner Medium II, in North Carolina.

In December 2021, a jury found Pina guilty. for illegal possession of an illegally modified firearm for automatic firing and possession of a firearm by a federal convict, as the producer was found guilty in 2015 of bank fraud.

Although in January the Boston Appeals Circuit eliminated the first mentioned charge, Judge Francisco Bebosa of the Federal Court of Puerto Rico decided to maintain the same ruling.

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