The Delhi High Court on Monday expressed concern over the sex determination scene in Ranveer Singh’s leading man ‘Jayeshbhai Jordaar’ trailer and asked the producers not to regularize the illegal practice that can and cannot be shown. insignificant. A bench headed by Acting Chief Justice Vipin Sanghi asked Yash Raj Films to show the relevant parts of the film. The bank said the “general message” may be good, but it cannot be shown that a pregnant woman can be brought to a clinic with an ultrasound machine to determine the sex of the fetus.

The bank was listening to a PIL seeking the removal of certain scenes from the film. The bench also includes Judge Navin Chawla. The premiere of the film is scheduled for May 13. After seeing the trailer for the film, the bench said, “Get directions, otherwise we’ll have to stop.”

“It can be seen that there is no reason to show that the woman is taken in secret or that it is not legal or that the actor (in the scene) knows that it is a crime,” the court said. What is emerging is that any pregnant woman can be brought to a center with an ultrasound machine and this can be done as normal.

The court said that it should be represented in a way that they know (which is illegal), but even after that, it is being done. Lead lawyer Jayant Mehta, representing the filmmakers, stated that “the film is about something illegal” and a ‘disclaimer’ has also been given regarding the law.

Central government lawyer Anurag Ahluwalia said the trailer was certified by the CBFC (Central Board of Film Certification) and the filmmakers were asked to submit a “disclaimer”. The court said the trailer could not have been taken into account due to the size of the “disclaimer” and “does not describe the circumstances in which the woman is brought to the clinic”.

Lawyer Pawan Prakash Pathak, representing petitioner ‘Youth Against Crime’, argued in court that the film cannot promote ultrasound technology as a means of determining sex as it is illegal by law. The next hearing in the case will take place today.


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