Ranji Trophy Final 2022: 5 Great Heroes Of Madhya Pradesh Victory, Know Their Names And Deeds

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Rajat Patidar


  • Madhya Pradesh team won the Ranji Trophy title for the first time
  • The biggest Ranji Trophy champion team has to eat all four.
  • The team won on the basis of the best performance of the batters and pitchers.

The Madhya Pradesh team has won the Ranji Trophy final. This is the first time that the Madhya Pradesh team has won the Ranji Trophy final. Although even before this, the Madhya Pradesh team traveled to the final once but then had to face defeat from Karnataka. This time facing Madhya Pradesh, Mumbai had a great challenge. The Mumbai team is the biggest champion team in Ranji and this team also has the most titles. In such a situation, the victory was not easy for Madhya Pradesh, but even after this, the united efforts and efforts of the team finally paid off and the team did the job of making history. Although all the players performed well in this Madhya Pradesh victory, there are five players on the team who performed amazingly and led their team to the victory gate.

Starter Yash Dubey played a 133-run inning

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The first innings of the team contributed a lot to the victory of Madhya Pradesh. Madhya Pradesh had made a gargantuan score of 536 runs in the first innings. The team’s starter, Yash Dubey, had a big contribution to get here. Yash Dubey faced 336 balls and scored a 133-run century. During this, Yash Dubey hit 14 fours, but not a single six came off his bat, which can be understood by how patient his inning was. Yash Dubey shared 47 runs for the first wicket with second starter Himanshu Mantri Himanshu was out, but Yash Dubey continued his innings at the other end.

Shubham Sharma scored a 116-run century

Yash Dubey rested at one end. The first wicket had fallen by 47 runs, after that the need was for a batsman who could support Yash Dubey. Following Himanshu Mantri’s dismissal, Shubham Sharma took over this responsibility. Yash Dubey at one end and Shubham Sharma at the other. Both continued the innings without making any mistakes and Madhya Pradesh did not suffer any setbacks. After the first wicket fell by 47 runs, they both brought the team’s score to 269. By the time Shubham Sharma was sacked after scoring 116 runs, the team’s score had reached 269. Shubham Sharma faced 215 balls and hit 15 fours and a six during his innings.

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Incredible performance by Rajat Patidar

Rajat Patidar was the hero of Madhya Pradesh’s victory. When the partnership between Yash Dubey and Shubham Sharma broke down for second wicket, Rajat Patidar did the job of leading the team forward. Rajat Patidar, who came to bat at number four, scored 122 runs. During this Rajat Patidar faced 219 balls. He hit 20 fours during his innings. By the time Rajat Patidar was sacked as seventh wicket the team had scored 483 runs and the Madhya Pradesh team had reached a very strong position. After this, the rest of the work was done by the lower ranked batsmen and helped the team to the big score.

Gaurav Yadav took four wickets in the early innings

Not only the batsmen but also the bowlers performed wonderfully for Madhya Pradesh. In the first innings when the Mumbai team was batting, Madhya Pradesh’s Gaurav Yadav took four wickets and did not allow Mumbai to hang up a big score. Gaurav Yadav bowled 35.4 overs and spent only 106 runs. His economy was only three runs for more. None of the Mumbai batsmen were able to play it properly. Gaurav Yadav also took two wickets for Mumbai in the second innings.

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Anubhav Agarwal also took three wickets

Not only Gaurav Yadav, Anubhav Agarwal from Madhya Pradesh also bowled amazingly. While Gaurav Yadav took four wickets, Anubhav Agarwal was not far behind taking three wickets. Together these two took seven wickets for Mumbai and the Mumbai team could not recover from their setbacks. Anubhav Agarwal bowled 29 overs and spent just 81 runs. His economy stood at 2.80.

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