Ranjeet’s mother-in-law got some advice, don’t make your daughter marry such a boy

Actor Ranjeet is a great example of the seriousness with which audiences used to take actors who played heroes or villains in earlier times. We all know that in the 70s, Ranjit appeared in many movies as the main villain of the movies. Or they were killing someone, sexually abusing someone, or robbing someone. In general, he used to get only negative roles and his image had become that of a bad person.

When giving an interview to a portal, Ranjit shared how her parents were concerned about their marriage and at that time it was believed that who would give it to their daughter. His impression was so marred by the image of his films that everyone considered him bad even in real life. His brothers and sisters were all married but were not getting married.

Ranjeet shared that their marriage took place in a simple ceremony between special people. When some people found out that he is Aloka Bedi’s (Ranjeet’s wife) boyfriend, they scolded Alok’s mother. Someone said that it is better to marry a boy so than give him poison, then someone said that now he would have killed him by drinking alcohol every night. Even in Ranjit’s personal life, people regarded him as a character from movies.

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