“Rango de Honor” premieres this Thursday at Palacio del Cine and Caribbean Cinemas

The film “Rango de Honor” will be available to the general public starting this Thursday, June 29 simultaneously in the movie theaters of Palacio del Cine and Caribbean Cinemas throughout the country, and later it will be placed in markets international.

The film was released on June 20 as part of the celebration of the Dominican Film Festival and in a premiere where the President of the Republic Luis Abinader, the cast and important personalities were present, who gathered at the Palacio del Cine from Blue Mall.

The film also began the night before the same festival, being seen by connoisseurs in the field of cinema and personalities that have to do with the subject that the film addresses, where it received excellent comments.

This feature film produced by Angela Medina’s Voces Films production company, directed by Carlos Salcedo and a masterful script by Eudys Cordero, based on the unpublished novel by journalist José Monegro, titled La Tercera Frontera, where it addresses the issue of drug trafficking, has the integrated cast in the main roles of Manolo Ozuna, Jalsen Santana, Anthony Alvarez, Liza Blanco, Angeline Medina, René Castillo, Mario Lebrón, among other great actors.

Already applauded by those who have seen it and classify it “as one of the great Dominican productions”, “Rango de Honor” was shot using various locations in the country, providing the perfect framework to narrate the difficulties and misunderstandings that an honest officer must face who decides to fight against drug trafficking structures.

The staging also shows the link between illegal trips and the emergence of large drug trafficking structures in the Dominican Republic.

“Rango de honor”, the film directed by Carlos Salcedo.

The Rank of Honor story part of the unpublished book “La Tercera Frontera”, by the journalist José P. Monegro. It is a journalistic novel in which he tells about the actions of drug trafficking groups in the country, their link with international cartels and how illegal traffickers join Puerto Rico in a yola with drug trafficking structures.

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“We often see movies based on true events, I like to say that this one is based on reality,” said the executive director of the film and author of the story, journalist José P. Monegro.

While its director Carlos Salcedo maintains that, “It helped a lot that the story comes from a fictionalized journalistic story, which gave us the possibility that each person can represent many people who go through situations that each character reflects.”

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