Rangnick: “You have to play like Elanga has done”

The changes made the team react.

The plans had gone to waste, because we wanted not to concede any goals. We have done it early and it has been difficult. It was a brilliant goal, a magnificent cross and a great goal from João Félix. In the first half we didn’t show what we wanted, we were afraid with the ball at our feet and they fell back after the goal, as they usually do. We haven’t taken the ball into dangerous areas and we made it easy for them in the first half. With the changes we improve, we have begun to gain control of the game and we have had more balls won in the middle. In the end we could score, but if we see the total of the game we have to be very happy with the result.

Elanga was decisive.

In all the games he enters he shows that he has a lot of passion and joy, you can see that he is having a good time on the pitch and can show his weapons and virtues. Not only has he scored the goal, he has left several good unchecks and Atlético has had problems with him. We have to be able to play like this not only with Elanga, but with all the players if we want to qualify at Old Trafford. You have to play like Elanga has done.

What did you see in Elanga when you got to the bench?

The name was familiar to me, but I didn’t know him. The first training session before Crystal Palace he trained fantastically and I asked my colleagues on the coaching staff and found out that he had decided to go on loan in January. But he came out in the game and decided to stay. He is scoring goals, participating and that is what he always does in training.

Other players are below.

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It’s not easy to play in a stadium like Manchester United with that energy. It is one thing to be prepared to do it and another to be able to do it. There are players that can shrink. But in the last half hour we have seen that we could turn the game around. We could be 2-0, it has happened to us the other way around and we know what it is.

What did you think of Bruno Fernandes’ match?

We also know that he is a fantastic player with the ball between his feet. But he also had a hard time in the first half, with unforced errors. He is a control thing, we have had few moments of success in the first half and he has been lopsided in favor of Atlético in the first 45 minutes.

What do they have to do on the way back?

To earn. Score one more goal than Atlético. We know that they are going to play as they always do, they are Atlético and I hope they play the same as today, but we have to be the ones to raise the energy. We have shown it in the last half hour and it will be the key, Atlético will play like today, but we have to improve.

What did he tell you at the break?

I have told you that this is not enough. You have to have more energy, conviction, show up on the pitch and believe in what you’re doing. I have told them that it was not worth it to us, that this is the Champions League, the team fought for a whole year to qualify and we have to commit ourselves to the club to be up to the task. We have achieved it after 60 minutes, we have improved the level and we have played as we wanted to from the beginning.

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