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Randy Arozarena: “My dad went to see me at a game in Cuba and he died in the stands”

Randy Arozarena: "My dad went to see me at a game in Cuba and he died in the stands"

Randy Arozarena has become one of the great Latino references in Major League Baseball.

Since his participation in the World Baseball Classic with the ninth of Mexicowith which he conquered the historic third place of the contesthe was winning the affection of the public based on charisma and great performances.

now during the incredible season he is having with the Tampa Bay Rays continues to reinforce his good moment on the diamond.

In an interview with the media Fox Sports in Mexico, arozarena counted the other side of the coinwell he recounted the moment of his departure from his native Cuba; besides the saddest memory of him that he has from the island.

The fact that marked his life

Randy recalled that in 2014 he lost his father, who died in the stands before a game that the player played in Cuba.

“My dad went to see me at a baseball game, the game was at seven at night, my dad left for the field at 5, to watch the training and then watch the game, and when my dad gets to the field and I was going to the field to play that night, my dad passed away, there in the stands ”Arozarena recalled.

Randy was playing with the ninth of the Vegueros of Pinar del Rio, professional team in Cuba; in the team he already managed to stand out but heand prevented from going to the Caribbean Seriesfor fear that he would desert.

“They began to set me up with meetings with the police, with the governors, they said that I was leaving the country… Not having my father and disappointed with the ball I say ‘I don’t have to do anything here, I have to escape to help my mother’. I talked about it with her and I took her step ”he continued.

Arozarena fled to Mexico in a boat

He Rays playeralso took time to tell how it was his departure from the Caribbean island to Mexico.

“I arrived in Mexico, to Isla Mujeres, around 12 noon on a journey where you have to hide from the police, although that is the least of it, because you risk your life in the sea, without knowing if you will reach the other shore. , That is the hardest”ended.

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