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Randolph could return this Sunday, nine months later

Randolph could return this Sunday, nine months later

Anthony Randolph, 33, is facing his seventh season at Real Madrid, which makes him one of the foreigners with the longest experience in the white club, with which he has made 304 appearances, although in the last three seasons he has experienced an ordeal for the injuries. In December 2020, on the Olympiacos court, he tore the Achilles tendon in his left leg and did not play again until 11 months and two weeks later, for which he accumulated 82 games out. It was December 2021 and six months later he was seriously injured again: on June 13, 2022, the anterior cruciate ligament of the left knee was torn in the 15th minute of the first game of the League final against Barça, in an action with chilling images. He went through the operating room only three days later.

Since then they have passed Nine months and two weeks, for the moment, 61 games absent, but he is about to return to action. Chus Mateo says so, who rules him out for this Wednesday’s duel against Fenerbahçe and also to face Partizan in Belgrade on Friday; but not for the one next Sunday against Covirán Granada (12:15 pm) in the Endesa League. Asked if that meeting would be the opportune scenario for his return, the technician has responded that “it could be”.

Chus Mateo himself spoke like this, on March 2, about the situation of the American player with a Slovenian passport: “We are going to choose the day in which he can play again with Real Madrid, when he is finally discharged, because he is a player who has given us a lot in all these years and he deserves to return home in front of our fans.that we have everything well measured so that he can receive the warmth of the fans after an injury as tough as the one that occurred last year in the final”.

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