Ranbir Kapoor on his late father Rishi Kapoor: There is no doubt that handsome B-town hunk Ranbir Kapoor is a talented actor. Whether playing a goofy character in ‘Barfi’ or playing Sanjay Dutt in ‘Sanju’, Ranbir has always amazed fans of him. These days, the actor is making headlines for his upcoming movie ‘Shamshera’. The teaser of him has been released, that he is receiving a lot of love from the audience. In a latest interview, Ranbir Kapoor has said with emotion that he wishes his father, Rishi Kapoor, could see his movie ‘Shamshera’.

According to ‘E-Times’, Ranbir Kapoor has expressed in his recent interview his wish that his father could see his movie ‘Shamshera’. He also said that if his father had seen this movie, surely he would have been proud of him. Ranbir said, “I wish my father was alive to see this movie. He was always clearly criticizing me for my work. Whether he liked my work or not, he always gave me honest feedback about it. It’s a shame, he’s not there to see it. However, I am excited to have the opportunity to make a film like this and I am sure that he will be proud of me wherever he is.”

Ranbir Kapoor considers ‘Shamshera’ a positive step in his career. He said, “I want to grow as an actor and I think ‘Shamshera’ is a positive step in that direction. You want to make movies for a large audience. You want to tell stories that viewers can connect with and be entertained by. This movie hasn’t been released yet, but I want to see how the audience accepts me in this role.

Speaking of the movie, aside from Ranbir Kapoor, Vaani Kapoor and Sanjay Dutt are in the leading roles. This movie is set to be released on July 22, 2022.


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