Ranbir Kapoor got mad at fan for taking selfie, threw phone in anger, learn the truth of viral video

: A video of handsome Bollywood hunk Ranbir Kapoor is going viral very fast on social media right now. In which the actor is seen throwing a fan’s phone. Actually, a fan approaches Ranbir to take a selfie, only then there is something wrong with his phone. Irritated by this, Ranbir snatches the fan’s phone out of his hand and throws it away. As soon as this video appeared on social networks, users began to criticize the actor. Not only this, some people even gave him the tag of ‘Angry Ranbir Kapoor’.

But in this report we are going to tell you the truth of this viral video. This video clip of Ranbir Kapoor, which is going more and more viral on social media, is actually part of a publicity shoot for a smartphone company. In which all these people are acting. Tell him that Ranbir is his brand ambassador. However, shortly after the video went viral, people also understood that it was a video of a shooting.

Talking about the job front, the actor will soon be seen in the movie ‘Tu Jhoothi ​​Main Makkar’ alongside Shraddha Kapoor. Many images from both movies are also going viral on social media these days. Apart from this, his movie ‘Animal’ will also be released in theaters very soon. Tell them that Ranbir Kapoor married actress Alia Bhatt in April last year. At the same time, just a few months ago, they both became parents to a beautiful daughter. Whose name has remained as Raha. I haven’t shared any photos of Raha as a couple with fans yet.

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