Ramos settles at PSG

The Paris Saint Germain has taken a 180 degree turn after the arrival of Christophe Galtier to the bench in substitution of Mauricio Pochettino and this has meant a big change for many of the great players on the squad, one of them and one of the most outstanding is Sergio Ramos. Last season the Andalusian made a campaign to forget, he arrived injured and stayed that way for practically the entire campaign, he played just over five games, now everything has changed.

The tactic that Galtier imposes, at first it seemed that it went against Ramos since it was to play with three centrals and that implied having to be much more attentive in defense and be faster, at 36 years old he was pointed out as the weakest piece of the group, but nothing is further from reality. The one from Camas has left behind his continuous injuries and right now he has become a fundamental piece both on and off the pitch for the Parisian team.

The most important player in the locker room

Sergio Ramos He has become very strong in the Paris Saint-Germain dressing room, he has become one of the benchmarks within the squad and everyone looks to him for advice thanks to his enormous experience in the world of football. His sympathy also favors the good vibes within the locker room (despite the controversy between Mbappé and Neymar) and this speaks highly of him.

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