“Ramos is suffering …”

The PSG coach, Mauricio Pochettino, spoke to the media just over 24 hours before he faced tomorrow against Angers the match corresponding to matchday 10 of Ligue 1. At a press conference, the coach assured that Ramos is suffering , but that the medical staff is helping him to regain his best physical shape.

Bernat: “He is training well, he has a chance to enter the squad tomorrow.”

If Ramos is going to regain his physical form: “I have no doubt that he will be able to find his best level again. It is clear that each athlete, each player, especially Sergio, is not a pleasant situation of not being able to train with his teammates and not playing. He is suffering, but he is mentally strong, and the entire medical team is helping him to continue with the motivation he has to overcome the injury he has suffered ”.

Achraf’s number of matches and if Dagba can play: “Colin is on the mend. He has been training at a very good level for a few weeks. He is a player we like, he is a player who has given us a great performance in the Champions League, like against Bayern. He is a young player, with a lot of potential and it is clear that we have him. Other players to play in that position? There is Nathan, from the academy, and there is also Kehrer who can play there or central. We also have other types of alternatives in those positions ”.

The speech after the first defeat of the season in Rennes: “The first thing is that the whole group is not there right now. When the game ended, everyone left with their teams. We have spoken with all the players who have arrived this week from the international break. Always in defeats, when time passes, you have to analyze them and touch on that issue when appropriate. For us it was an accident, logically a disappointment for PSG, but I think we are all aware, the players first, that we have not played a good game ”.

The Ligue 1 calendar: “We live a period in our lives affected by a well-known pandemic. Adaptation is also part of our responsibility. We have to take things naturally enough. These situations are like that and we have to work in the future so that this type of situation between competitions, confederations, FIFA and others, we work together so that this does not affect us and to be able to compete equally. For our part, I am not a person who looks for excuses. I think we have a large group of players and those players have to perform in the way they have to perform under the responsibility of a team like PSG ”.

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Neymar’s statements: “I explained it yesterday in an interview on the radio. Ney is a person, he is a player, he is a sincere man and expresses his feelings quickly. His mental strength, in a life that he has led since he was little with a very large media focus, I don’t think he has any problem. Ney loves football and I am sure he will want to play for many more years ”.

The pressure: “It is a fact that exists in highly competitive sport. In any case, in the coaching staff we have the obligation to know certain tools in order to help our players. I don’t like to talk about this in a banal way, because I think you have to have a lot of respect for this. We are always very concerned both physically and mentally with our players, we are always attentive ”.

Neymar and his passion for football: “Yes, without a doubt. The passion of Neymar shows it every day with us. The collective performance was not good. Collective performance is the sum of individualities “

The game against Angers: “As always, the rivals we face defend low and look for quick transitions. It is clear that the game is different, it will be in a context that is not the same as in Rennes. Hopefully we are in a better situation to avoid those situations against. But above all, having the ability to be more effective in front of the goal to avoid this type of counterattacks ”.

Keylor: “He told us that he felt something of a precaution against the United States. Hopefully it’s nothing serious. But the game is on Tuesday and now we have to talk about tomorrow’s game. “

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