Ramos continues without giving signs

5 and 27. The first is the number of games that Sergio Ramos has played with PSG. The second, those who have been lost because of his physical problems. The twenty-seventh was special and He had to encourage his now colleagues from the outside to execute their ex, to ‘his’ Real Madrid. Against Nantes, this Saturday, he will also drop out and, as reported by The Parisien, possibly against Saint-Étienne, the following week, could add his twenty-ninth clash ‘in the shade’.

The January 27thafter linking two consecutive Ligue 1 games for the first time and complete the 90 minutes against Stade Reimsin a convincing performance that started the debates in France, the twin was once again in trouble. He suffered a break that separated him again from the dynamics of the team. At the moment, he continues his rehabilitation process in the Camp of the Loges Parisian, facilities where he will try to pick up the pace to, this time, leave perennial physical problems behind.

Calendar and unknown

We already said that traveling to Nantes is ruled out, the next test will be the visit of Les Verts. If he does not manage to play any minute, prediction that he defends The Parisien, He will only have one match to prove himself before the Champions League second leg against Madrid and it will be against Nice. Galtier’s men are a team that has choked PSG twice this year, kicking them out of the Cup after a mistake by Xavi Simons in the penalty shootout. A game of thunder in France prior to the event that will paralyze the football planet next Wednesday, March 9.

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The good news in terms of nursing is that Neymar did not suffer against Ancelotti’s men and will be able to continue recovering his physical tone to reach 100% at the Bernabéu. Ramos, on the other hand, time is short and the unknown grows. If he is available, it remains to be seen if Pochettino dares to touch the line of four that gave him such a good result against the whites. Achraf, Kimpembe, Marquinhos and Nuno Mendes, helped by the commendable work of the engine room, were fantastic, annulling Benzema, Vinicius and co. With the camero recovered, the debates cited above revolved around its fit into the scheme. The most repeated option was the move to three centrals, giving even more flight to Hakimi and Mendes. However, if something works, is it worth touching?

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