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Ramón Planes wants to bring Sergi Altimira to Getafe

Betic’s current sporting director has been able to give full assurances to an operation he signed in the Azulón team before leaving for Seville. Ángel Haro has already given him his support and now the player could soon arrive in Heliópolis.

Before joining the Real Betis sporting directorate, the man was from Lleida Ramon aircraft Sergi Altimira’s assignment at Getafe CF was ready. After the midfielder had already shown his great talent in the pre-season, the manager said betic He wants him at his current club. Something difficult, but not impossible, so they are already contacting the blue offices.

The 21-year-old plays as a defensive midfielder with a more defensive than offensive stance. In fact, he could also take a place at the back and act a little further up. He makes up for his lack of speed on the dismounts with his precision on passes and plays that end in goals. But his ability to get the ball in was put to the test in the Azulona preseason.

sergi altimira
As the manager of Sergi ALtimira’s signing, current Betis sporting director wants him in the Verdiblanca squad.

Sergi Altimira stands out among Getafe CF’s 2023-24 signings

Currently, the Madrid team has completed 5 operations but 2 of them are signings as the rest are the execution of call options. The new faces so far are Choco Lozano and Sergi Altimira, with the latter standing out the most. And it so happens that in the last friendly against SBV Vitesse from the Netherlands, the youngster scored a great goal that stunned everyone.

Given the performance of the former Sabadell in José Bordalás’ tactical scheme, the goal was merely an embellishment. Meanwhile, in the green and white offices, Planes sees that he has done a masterful job of having the signature ready. But the question now is if he wants this talented midfielder to play for Manuel Pellegrini.

At international level, Sergi Altimira was able to convince

His leap into the first division at the age of 21 (just before his 22nd birthday) is a breakthrough in his sports career. He hasn’t even gone through LaLiga Hypermotion, but his talent has propelled him to the top flight. But his momentum wouldn’t stop there as he was able to play internationally. Of course, that would happen if he decided to sign with the Helipolitan team.

We all know that Real Betis is one of the clubs that will play in the Europa League and that Manuel Pellegrini has a squad that will make history. Sergi Altimira could be part of that squad and earn his first minutes at a prestigious international tournament. However, Getafe CF won’t make it that easy, especially knowing that the Catalan is a promise.

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