Ramón Ferrer strengthens his career as a referee in the Major Leagues

With each year of experience, his work reaches further ground en route to being among the best in the business.

Ramón Ferrer, the only Dominican umpire to work in the Major Leagues, in his sixth year of service had several outstanding achievements in the concluded day of the Majors.

For the first time in his young career, the Bayaguana native was part of the group of assistants who reviewed plays during the Major League Baseball postseason.

And this was due to several factors, including having finished with a record of 93.3 in terms of the correct calls he had in the games in which he worked behind the pentagon.

Even in one of the 29 games in which he was responsible for calling balls and strikes, he only had one incorrect call and 122 correct calls in a game between the Tampa Rays and the Blue Jays on September 13.

“I worked in seven playoff games in the review system and this fact represents another achievement in my career, which I appreciate forever,” said Ferrer, after talking with Listín Diario.

He points out that only a handful of auxiliaries exhibit that privilege of being selected to be part of the review process. “Only the top scorers make it into that group,” she points out.

Ferrer worked in some 142 games during the campaign and according to what he said, only about 15 of the calls he made were reversed.

“To work in the playoffs, the assistants who had the fewest number of failures are selected and the work team carried out an exhaustive evaluation, mine was magnificent and for this I participated in the playoffs this year,” he says.

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Before, he had worked in the playoffs, in the Wild Card series that the Dodgers played against the Cardinals in 2021.

In the 29 matches in which he worked behind home plate, he accumulated a total of correct calls and in this regard he surpassed well-known referees in the region, such as Alfonso Márquez, who had 4,097 in 28 matches.

In fact, the native of Mexico was head of the team of referees that worked in the last American League Championship Series.


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