Ramón Díaz’s son crashed on Route 5 and the coach’s daughter-in-law died

Michael Díaz, former soccer player and son of Ramón, suffered a car accident, the product of a frontal collision, this Tuesday on National Route 5at the height of the party on July 9, and claimed the lives of two people, including his wife.

He tragic incident occurred this afternoon, when minutes after 12, under torrential rain, two vehicles collided head-on at kilometer 252 of the aforementioned Route.

Díaz, 37, who knew how to play in San Lorenzo and is the son of renowned coach Ramón Díaz, was traveling aboard a Dodge RAM brand truck black color accompanied by his wife –who lost her life when she was thrown from the vehicle– and an 8-year-old son.

So much The former soccer player and his son were immediately referred to the Julio de Vedia Hospital in the town of 9 de Julio and are out of danger. From the hospital they informed the NA agency that in the next few hours they will be transferred to a health center in the City of Buenos Aires.

Besides, The Communal Police, under the command of Commissioner Gustavo Quemehuencho, investigates the mechanics of the accident that also involved a 65-year-old salesman, surnamed Flaque (former volunteer firefighter) who was traveling in a Kangoo brand utility vehicle white color from the town from May 25 to July 9, and was the other fatality after being trapped inside the cabin deformed by the crash.

In addition to Highway Police and Communal Police, a crew of Volunteer Firefighters of July 9 intervened by the Station Chief, Sergio Fernández. The cause was labeled “Double Manslaughter“.

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