Ramis, angry: “We feel hurt by the referee”

Luis Miguel Ramis returned to the Mediterranean Games Stadium with the aim of sleeping in direct ascent, something that he could not achieve due to the defeat of his team, the second in a row after falling to Mirandés. The Tenerife coach complained in the press room with the performance of Ávalos Barrera.

Possible penalty: “It is an action to say the least doubtful. Certainly I have not seen it repeated many times. But it seemed very clear to me. The player is injured. Another action that generates many doubts is that of their penalty. We feel harmed by the referee. He was wrong, like us. Against a team of this potential it means a lot. Even so, the team’s behavior has been very good, they have been able to read the game very well. We even had a heads up at 2-1. “

Illusion after two consecutive defeats: “The balloon of illusion continually inflates and deflates. Ours is growing. We are happy with the behavior of the team. Perhaps we have lacked some control and longer possessions. The mistakes are penalizing us excessively. We are excited, a defeat nobody wants it, but we are convinced of what we do. “

Anger: “We were good, a balanced and competitive first half. The main dangerous occasions have been ours, like Elady’s. In the second half, our loss and the penalty determine the game. You have to assess whether it is or not. Referees meetings tell us that they are not going to call ‘penalties’ … Enric’s ankle is very swollen, that is not done alone. We have prepared the game well and the players have interpreted it well. “

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Tenerife errors: “Their first goal came from an inaccuracy of ours on an easy ball. We were comfortable, progressing with the wings. In difficult actions we were doing well and in simpler actions we failed. Making a mistake against an opponent of Almeria’s potential penalizes.”

Enric Gallego: “It is not the situation we were looking for. He was going to give us a lot because of his size and his positioning, he was going to tie the rival centrals more, fixing them. He is the winner against two very powerful centrals against the aerial game. We lose that reference. He has the ankle a little swollen, I don’t know how far he will be able to go on Saturday or not. I imagine he will have a sprain, we will assess it depending on his evolution “.

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