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Ramírez confirms changes in the goal and the arrival of transfers to Marbella

Ramírez confirms changes in the goal and the arrival of transfers to Marbella

Miguel Ángel Ramírez, maximum shareholder of the Unión Deportiva Las Palmas, reviewed the news of the Gran Canaria club this morning, taking advantage of the presentation of the new brand image of the entity that he also presides over. The top executive of the club confirmed that, in the coming days, perhaps hours, there will be movements in the squad, which is currently concentrated in Marbella.

“We have around 10 days left there, but I don’t think the same footballers who left will come,” he predicted. Ramirez. A safe loss is that of Álex Domínguez, substitute for Álvaro Valles in the goal of Las Palmas. “He will go out on loan to another team”, assured. The substitute, very close: “There are several alternatives, like Aarón Escandell. We are not talking about footballers who are not here, but they have already done so from their club (Cartagena). Everything has its process”.

Ramírez also referred to the arrival of “a side”, Daley Sinkgraven, outlining the positions that need to be strengthened: “Next week we can have important incorporations. You have to bring in another winger, a central defender and two forwards”. In that list of reinforcements, despite the rumors, the name of Roque Mesa. “We were never close to signing him,” revealed MÁR. “He is a player from the house and I would have been delighted for him to come, but the Sports Management has decided that the incorporation of him was not necessary”, he insisted before adding: “Economically we would not have had any problem. It was simply a technical decision. We owed him an explanation, and we did.”

Also, when asked by Julián Araujo and Mika Mármol, two of the alleged footballers, insisted: “We are not talking about players that we do not have here. If I did it from Escandell it was because Cartagena revealed that we were interested in him”.

Joel Dominguez.

Ramírez also offered the club’s version about the dismissal of Joel Domínguez, the club’s youth convicted of gender violence, whose contract was terminated yesterday. “It’s not because Las Palmas has decided, we gave him the opportunity to start the preseason with the first team”, He remembered about one of the eight homegrown players who had this opportunity. “On Saturday he was informed that he would not travel to Marbella with the first team. But he was quoted in Barranco Seco with Las Palmas Atlético and until Wednesday he had not shown up ”, revealed Ramírez. “For unknown reasons, he has decided to skip the club’s disciplinary regime, and nobody is above Las Palmas,” he insisted. about a young man who “The UD has helped to solve his personal problem at all times” (conviction for gender violence).


Miguel Ángel Ramírez also elaborated on the works that Las Palmas has to undertake in the Gran Canaria Stadium to compete in the First Division. The grass is once again the protagonist. “It’s going as we expected. We won’t get to the start of the league in the best conditions, but we will be able to play an official match, like last year”. third. Likewise, he was grateful to the company in charge of the lawn, which will bring the turf from Fuerteventura, and to the Cabildo de Gran Canaria. “I know that they are working hard on this issue for the next season”, continued.

Aridani Romero, Councilor for Sports of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, and Miguel Ángel Ramírez. Carlos Diaz-Recio

“The marker, sound and lighting will not arrive on time (Saturday, August 12. Mallorca’s visit at 6:30 p.m. island time) but that does not mean that they are not working on it,” he asserted. When it comes to undertaking these works, which will ultimately be paid for by the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, owner of the Stadium, he was more optimistic with the lower stands: “It will be fixed much faster thanks to your suppliers. Especially the path from the locker room to the box, which is impassable”.


Although The Sports Union set a limit of 22,000 subscribers for the course that will begin soon, the list goes much further. “The response from the fans has been such that we will not leave anyone behind,” said the leader. Hopeful, he continued: “We have already surpassed the historical record of subscribers, and we hope that next week they will all be there. This is a feat of the fans of Las Palmas”.

His plea in favor of the fans of the club he presides over continued as follows: “A lot of young people have joined and, fortunately, they are not from other teams, something that was usual before. Today there are more people who are first from Las Palmas and then from another club. This is a job of many years, which we have also achieved without being in the elite of Spanish football”.

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