Ramírez asks Sporting to look into the free agent market

The Sportinguistas coach wants several new signings to ensure promotion

Sporting de Gijón continues to look for promotion, which is getting closer and closerHowever, you can start by evaluating some important signatures. All this because of some losses that they have begun to mourn and that are already worrying Miguel Ángel Ramírez. The campaign carried out by the Rojiblancos is very important and they want to take care of every detail.

Let’s remember this Sporting de Gijón made few signings in the winter window, but now they see the need to take some steps. And the club that plays in El Molinón is in fourth place in the second division and has shown a lot of quality there. Of course there are several elements in the infirmary.

New sporting signings
The coach of the Gijón club wants some new signings

Sporting de Gijón needs new signings on the free agent market due to injuries

In this way, it was determined that leadership needed to address the free agent market at this time. So far there are 8 victims that worry Miguel Ángel Ramírez and which he had to deal with in the decisive game against Real Valladolid. You want to take advantage when interesting players come along.

In this order of ideas consists the list of losses of Sporting de Gijón, which forces them to look for new signings in the market Christian Rivera, Cali Izquierdoz, Rubén Yáñez, Campuzano, Zarfino and Bamba. There’s also Mario González (who will return soon as he only has a majority).

The coach of the El Molinón club has requested several registrations

With this in mind, the Sportinguista Club will have no other choice when looking for a foundation. There are players who will return to action soon, but there are still many games ahead of us and in a demanding season it is best to have a large wardrobe. The leadership already knows about this request from Ramírez.

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Then we have to wait for what could happen with these operations that could be carried out at Sporting de Gijón. From within the club environment, the sports director will take care of the wishes of his coach and the coach would like to take advantage of the free agent market. There are some interesting players there who can help in the search for promotion.

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