Ramendu-Ferdausi Majumdar will be honored

Natyadal Theater is staging a new production with Ramendu Majumder and Ferdausi Majumder. They will be seen in the play ‘Love Letters’ by world famous playwright AR Gurney. This is the theater’s 48th production. It was translated by Prof. Abdus Salim. Tripa Majumdar is in the direction. On May 5 and 6 at 7 pm, the first and second performances of the play will be held at the Neelima Ibrahim Auditorium of the Women’s Association of the capital.

About this new production of the theater, director Tripa Majumder said, ‘Love Letters’ is an excellent creation of playwright AR Gurney, which has moved the hearts of drama lovers in many countries of the world. Not only because of this; The idea of ​​this play is to fulfill Ali Zaker’s strong desire to return to the stage and his desire to act with Ferdausi Majumdar. Ali Zaker was very ill at that time. Hard work was not possible. So he had to think of a production where he didn’t have to work hard. But this eminent actor left us before starting the drama. Later we plan to honor Ramendu Majumder and Ferdousi Majumder, two senior actors of the group, through the play ‘Love Letters’. This production is in the context of this. Hopefully, the performance of these two veteran artists will impress the audience.

Actor Ramendu Majumder said, “Besides the Americans, the drama ‘Love Letters’, translated into different languages, has touched the hearts of countless people around the world. The main reason for this is that many things have come up through the conversation of love between two people. Hence its transformation into Bengali. On the other hand, as a director, Trapa is always serious, he tries to do everything perfectly. All in all, I believe that the play will leave an impression on the audience.”

Actress Ferdausi Majumdar herself has expressed hope that the drama will satisfy the thirst of the audience of this country.

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