Ram Kapoor’s body transformation will amaze you! Get tips from the actor to lose weight

Television actor Ram Kapoor has proven his acting power in television series and movies. Ram Kapoor (TV actor Ram Kapoor) reduced body weight after age 45. He has worked hard for the transformation of the body. Weight loss is not easy to do, but Ram Kapoor has achieved his goal and has shown the world that whatever you want, you can achieve it with hard work.

Ram Kapoor ate nothing for 16-16 hours to lose weight. Let us tell you that in 2019, Ram Kapoor shared images of his body transformation on social media. After seeing what his fans were shocked. Ram Kapoor has sweated profusely to be fat and has been hungry for hours.

Ram Kapoor was hungry for 16-16 hours for a fit body. Ram Kapoor, while sharing his weight loss journey, said that he used to get up early in the morning and go to the gym without eating and working out there for a long time.

Ram Kapoor said that he used to do different types of exercises every day. Ram Kapoor also followed the diet chart. The television actor ate calorie-free foods. Ram had told him that he did not suddenly stop all the food, he gradually reduced his habit so that his health would not be seriously affected.

Ram Kapoor, while sharing his weight loss journey, said that he used to weigh 100kg. He has lost 30 kg working hard in the gym. Ram Kapoor had said during an interview that there was a time when he used to smoke 50 cigarettes a day, but his daughter got rid of this habit. Ram Kapoor said that after kicking the bad habit, he also paid attention to his physical condition.

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