Ram Charan – Worship’s love story is no less than a movie story, the relationship made by distance is stronger

Everyone knows South’s superstar actor Ram Charan. People are very aware of the professional life of the actor. But do you know about the personal life of Ram Charan and his wife Upasana Kamineni? Ram Charan’s wife, Upasana Kamineni, is a successful businesswoman. In this report read about the love story of Ram Charan and Upasana.

After the son of veteran actor Chiranjeevi Son from South, where millions of girls are crazy. At the same time, since college days, Ram Charan’s heart beat for only one girl and that was Upasana Kamineni. Yes… Ram Charan and Upasana had met at the same university. Initially both were friends, they themselves did not even know when their relationship went beyond friendship. Upasana Kamineni and Ram Charan, who were always together, began to miss each other when Ram Charan went abroad. During this, they both missed each other greatly. However, the distance between the two brought them closer. After the release of Magadheera, the two began dating.

The families of both already knew each other. In such a situation, without any interruption, everyone agreed to the marriage. In 2011, they both got engaged on December 11 and got married on June 12, 2012. Now they have been married for 10 years. But still there is only newlywed love between the two. Upasana Kamineni is a successful entrepreneur. She is Vice President of Apollo Life and Editor-in-Chief of Be Positive magazine. Upasana Kamineni has a BA in Marketing and International Business Management from Regent University London.

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