Rakitic, leader’s heart

Rakitic, leader's heart

“With all due respect to the goalkeeper, but it was safe that he scored the penalty”. he was resounding Ivan Rakitic when defining his sensations when launching a penalty that gives air and faith to Seville. It was there a full-fledged captain. But before, the leader that Nervión expected had already been on the pitch. Every set piece was his. Each insistence had his stamp. He never hid. never threw in the towel no matter how much the conditions entered the scene from minute one. And the victory has a lot your footprint. His heart intends to awaken Nervión to the hunt for more illusions in a campaign that was dyed gray from very early on. The croatian lifts now hand Y wants a place of privilege in this Project that threatens to be remade by the hand of Jorge Sampaoli.

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It is precisely the technician’s hand Argentinian the one that allowed the game version of Rakitic take more weight in this Seville. The midfielder has more freedom and less tactical obligations. Press in three quarters and damage the opponent with appearances much closest to the area. “We are more alive than ever, we had a lot of intensity Y we deserved the victory. We have worked a lot on it. We have to push forward”, asserted the player after the match. He was the last to leave the lawn and he did it finding an almost eternal embrace with Monchi.

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Sampaoli Know what it’s not enough with this stake of a certain brilliance to get out of the situation sporty full of Doubts in which Sevilla entered. He pretends that other pieces accompany Rakitic in this qualitative leap of the squad that was to arrive in Nervión given the evidence that the yields were away of the expectations. The door opens to the best rakiticwho scored for the second game in a row and sent the clear message that it’s back. The collective’s turn to show if this victory is a coincidence or the awakening of Sevilla threatens to be a reality.


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