Home Entertainment Rakeysh Bapat told Shamita Shetty in French: I love you

Rakeysh Bapat told Shamita Shetty in French: I love you

Raqesh Bapat, who has already confessed her feelings for Shamita Shetty on Bigg Boss OTT, has finally told the actress the three words that every caring person says to their partner. During the conversation, Shamita Show asked Rakesh to say some nice things about him. When Rakesh didn’t immediately respond, Shamita News jokingly beat him up and said, ‘Does it take you that long to say this?’ After a long pause, Rakesh said to Shamita: ‘Je taime’, in French it means I love you.

After hearing this, Shamita asked Rakesh, ‘Do you even know the meaning of Je Taime? During the Sunday Ka Vaar episode, Bigg Boss OTT host Karan Johar told Shamita that her feud with Rakesh is “very disturbing.” I want to find the relationship.

Shamita’s mother, Sunanda Shetty, had recently come to Bigg Boss OTT’s house to meet her daughter. At the time he had highly praised Rakesh. Shamita asked her mother: ‘Is Rakesh cute?’ To which Sunanda Shetty said: ‘He is a very sweet person. At the same time, looking at Rakesh, his mother also said that you are the kindest person in the whole house. Rakesh told his mother that, ‘Aap bhi very dear ho’ Shamita’s mother also advised Rakesh not to change himself due to the opinion of others.


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