Rajkumar was annoyed by Dilip Kumar’s change of tone in ‘Saudagar’, he nodded like this

Rajkumar and Dilip Kumar – Two legendary stars of Hindi cinema, Dilip Kumar and Rajkumar worked on more than one movie in their time and ruled the hearts of the people. At the same time, the two worked together on the movie ‘Saudagar’, which received much love from the public. Being in a movie together with Rajkumar and Dilip Kumar was a big deal for people. At the same time, Dilip Kumar’s language and tone changed during the shoot. Because of this, Rajkumar became very angry. However, he agreed after much persuasion from the film’s director, Subhash Ghai. This story was mentioned by actor Mukesh Khanna in one of his interviews.

Sharing this anecdote related to the movie ‘Saudagar’, Mukesh Khanna said: ‘Rajkumar had gotten a bit angry during filming. They told him that he was a rich man and his friend was Dilip Kumar who was poor.” Mukesh Khanna further said, “The way Dilip sahib used to change his language, he used to be successful. In such a situation, when Rajkumar ji heard that the tone of Dilip Kumar’s language had changed in ‘Saudagar’, he became a little angry. He then told Subhash Ghai that ‘why didn’t you tell me about this’.

Mukesh Khanna further said: ‘Then Subhash Ghai persuaded the prince and said: ‘You live in the palace and that in the village. The dialect of the people will come in them or not. Mukesh said that both stars were treated on set. According to media reports, there was feud between Raj Kumar and Dilip Kumar for years. In such a situation, it was not easy for Subhash Ghai to cast these two stars in the same movie. In this regard, Subhash Ghai had said in an interview that, ‘When I went to tell the story of the film to Dilip Kumar, he agreed. But when he asked me about the rest of the cast, sitting in my car, I took the name Rajkumar and drove away.

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