Rajesh Khanna used to deeply believe in the words of the astrologer, then this incident broke the faith.

The late actor Rajesh Khanna became Bollywood’s first superstar by hosting 17 consecutive blockbuster movies. Fans of him hardly know that before he became an actor, Bollywood’s first superstar, Rajesh Khanna, used to rely blindly on astrology. After this, such an incident happened in the life of Rajesh Khanna that completely changed the perspective of him. Let us know what was the incident after which Rajesh Khanna’s opinion changed.

Actually, it is about the time when Rajesh Khanna did not become an actor and he used to practice his drama at the Bhulabhai Desai Memorial Institute in Mumbai during his college days. Film actress Geeta Bali also used to have an office in this office. She used to see Rajesh Khanna practicing theater. One day Geeta Bali offered Rajesh Khanna to work on the film. Then she Geeta told Kak√° that one day she would rule the cinema. Rajesh Khanna himself has revealed it on Annu Kapoor’s Suhana Safar show.

Kaka didn’t understand anything about Geeta Bali’s sudden offer. Many doubts were born in his mind simultaneously. After this he went directly to his astrologer. Actually, Rajesh Khanna used to have an unshakable faith in astrology in those days. His astrology advised him to trade in iron and steel. With this, he told Rajesh Khanna that he has no future in cinema.

After several days of intense reflection, Rajesh Khanna accepted Geeta Bali’s offer. After this, she became the first superstar in Hindi cinema by presenting 17 consecutive blockbuster movies one after another. Since then, Rajesh Khanna was forever disillusioned with astrology.

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