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Raj Kundra seemed upset after getting out of jail, will meet after a while: Gehna Vashisht

After obtaining bail from the Supreme Court in the pornographic film case, actress Gehana Vashistha has held her position prominently in front of the media. Recently, he has made many important revelations in his interview with Time of India. She also spoke openly about actress Shilpa Shetty’s husband and businessman Raj Kundra.

In her Times of India interview, Gehna said she has not spoken to Raj Kundra after being released from jail. She said, “I haven’t talked to Raj yet. He recently got out of jail and I think he’s very upset right now. After a while when he gets out of this situation, I’ll talk to him.”

Gehna said that after getting out of jail, Raj Kundra looked very upset and the problem was clearly visible on his face.

Gehna said during the interview that she will now only act in TV shows and web series and that if she gets the chance, she would also like to make Southern movies. Gehna said she doesn’t want to work as a producer or director now. Kangana said that she will start over again.

Earlier on Thursday, Jewel arrived at the cell owned by the Mumbai Criminal Police to record her statement, after which she released her statement in the media. Gehna said she has been saying for a long time that she has been involved in this case. Along with this, he also thanked the Supreme Court.

According to the news story published in the Times of India, Gehna while addressing the media said: “I came here only to declare that I was falsely implicated because I told my story. I have the raw footage and the CBI has The Girl Who filed the complaint against me, he has also done the same with four other directors. ” When Gehna was asked about Raj Kundra, she said that “all the movies we made were erotic, daring, but they don’t fall into the category of pornography.” Tell him that Gehna has worked with Vashistha Raj Kundra.


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