Raj Kapoor’s wife had said something like that to Nargis who came to Rishi Kapoor’s wedding.

The on-screen couple of Raj Kapoor and Nargis is immortal. However, the off-screen romance was short-lived as Nargis moved to Sunil Dutt and Raj Kapoor was happy with his wife and children from him. But Raj Kapoor’s son Rishi Kapoor talked about his relationship in his biography ‘Khullam Khulla’.

He begins his book by discussing his father’s love life. And one of those love stories was that of Raj Kapoor and Nargis. This story ended when Sunil Dutt saved Nargis from the fire during the filming of ‘Mother India’. Sunil Dutt was severely injured in this, Nargis took care of him. Later they got married and the actress broke all ties with the man who immortalized her in the RK Films logo with her silhouette.

In his book, Rishi Kapoor shared an anecdote of how Dutt and Kapoor drifted apart and reunited after years of marriage. At the time of Rishi Kapoor’s marriage to Neetu Kapoor in 1980, Nargis met the Kapoor family after separating from the family in 1964. After 24 years with Sunil Dutt, she was invited to Rishi Kapoor’s wedding and agreed to her husband.

Rishi Kapoor mentions Nargis in his book as the woman loved by his father. He added: “He was also a man in love, at the time, unfortunately, with none other than my mother. His girlfriend was the lead actress in some of the biggest hits of the time, including Aag (1948), Barsaat (1948). , 1949) and Awara (1951).

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She further writes: “My father did everything with great fanfare and this included our wedding rituals. He called Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan from Pakistan for my music. It was a typical Raj Kapoor show starting at 11:30pm. And it continued until 6 in the morning. He later narrates what happened when Nargis, who was nervous about going to RK Studio after 24 years.

Rishi Kapoor tells the story without restraint in his words, “JP Choksi told me later that something unexpected had also happened on my wedding day. After completing ‘Jagte Raho’ in 1956, Nargis-ji did not set foot in RK Studio. However, that day, she came with Sunil Dutt to attend the function. She apparently, she was quite nervous about Kapoor attending an event after twenty-four years. My mother, noticing his hesitation, reportedly pulled him aside and said: ‘My husband is a handsome man. He is also romantic. I can understand this attraction.

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