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Rain of millions complicate the Darder operation in Real Sociedad

Real Sociedad has immersed itself fully in the race to sign Sergi Darder, Espanyol’s midfielder, but in the last few hours we have learned that a new team is also following the player’s footsteps

It was no secret that, after his great season in the ranks of RCD Espanyol, offers were going to rain down on him. After receiving proposals from teams like Celta or Mallorca, we have learned that the Real society took the lead for the signing of darder. But now this situation has completely changed, as a new team has entered the bid to gain the services of the Spanish midfielder.

As we have commented, until just a few hours ago, the people from San Sebastian seemed the favorites to ensure their signing. But now it has been known that another important team has entered the bid. It has done so with great economic power, so the arrival of Sergi Darder to Real Sociedad It has been more complicated than expected.

Real Sociedad finds a tough competitor for Darder
Darder could end up in Serie A

The team that keeps Darder away from Real Sociedad

As we have known the team has gotten into the bid at the last minute it is about Lazio. The Italian team is willing to shell out a considerable amount of money to get the player’s services, as they need to reinforce their midfield after one of the biggest sales in their history.

In the last few hours Lazio has closed the sale of Milinkovic-Savic for 40 million euros Saudi football. In this way, they have more than enough liquidity to undertake the signing of Sergi Darder. A signing that is estimated at an approximate amount of 10 million euros.

Darder moves away from the Santander League

The entrance on the scene Lazio has complicated negotiations for Real Sociedad. The Italian club, which has just raised a significant sum of money from the sale of Milinkovic-Savic, is willing to invest a large amount of money to secure the signing of Darder. In this way, the future of the still RCD Espanyol player points away from LaLiga.

Now it remains to be seen what the player decides. And it is that Darder valued joining Real Sociedad very positively, because they have a very interesting sports project and they will also play the next edition of the Champions League. All of this led by Imanol Alguacil who has more than proven himself to be one of the best coaches in Spanish football at the moment.

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