Rain during Tawaf at the Kaaba, images of soulful scenes

Riyadh: Clouds continued to rain during Umrah pilgrims’ circumambulation and worship in the holy city of Makkah, Saudi Arabia.

According to Urdu News, it rained heavily in the Haram Mosque in Saudi Arabia on Monday, during which Umrah pilgrims were engaged in circumambulation and worship.

The Al Haram Sharif administration has started implementing emergency schemes to deal with rain problems in the Al Haram Mosque with the support of various government agencies serving the Al Haram Mosque.

It is the effort of the Haramin Sharif administration to ensure the safety of pilgrims during worship.

The management is dealing with the problems encountered during rains with more than 200 supervisors, 4000 workers and more than 500 machines.

During rains, water drainage and floor drying are being ensured immediately at Mataf, prayer places and entrances.

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