Rain and a good Dominican broth welcome Pasión Vega

The start of the afternoon last Wednesday in Santo Domingo was perfect for a sancocho. The rain invited to taste a tasty dish of the local gastronomy. Under this environment, the Spanish singer vega passion he could not resist that temptation that seizes the Dominicans since a downpour falls.

Pasión was leaving a television interview and spoke with journalists from the Listín Diario by telephone on the way to have lunch: “Of course, it is what it is, now a good Dominican broth with this tremendous downpour,” he said after a cordial greeting.

The veteran artist is back in Dominican territory to star in two concerts: this Friday night at the Gran Teatro Cibao and tomorrow Saturday the Eduardo Brito National Theater will host her, in a gala dedicated to Dominican mothers, in which she will pay tribute to her compatriots Joan Manuel Serrat and Rocío Dúrcal and to the Dominican Juan Luis War.

Like other great artists, Serrat marked her forever with his lyrics. “Mediterranean is the song with which I discovered the maestro, being very little and from then on I was hooked on other music, because Joan Manuel has gone through many stages, singing to love, social denunciations, his humble origins, anyone can feel identified. at any stage of your life.

Although Joan Manuel said goodbye to the stage, Pasión Vega (April 23, 1976) keeps everything from him. She is his idol and his most direct musical influence.

“I have been faithful to Serrat’s songs and really, they are part of our life. I think I’m a singer and performer because I discovered the maestro’s at a very young age, and that moved me towards music. Without a doubt, it has been a very important influence for me since I can remember and since I wanted to be an artist, ”he recounted.

Joan Manuel has had such an influence on Pasión Vega that when making a decision regarding his songs and his music, he always wonders what Serrat would do about it.


On the other hand, singing to Rocío Dúrcal is to raise the image of the determined woman that her compatriot signified in the artistic world. “She is a woman who, as a child prodigy in the cinema, had a very special light, living a stage of maturity as an artist, saying I am going to a new country to start from scratch and began a career in America, she is a benchmark for a woman artist , mother and as an interpreter she has an incomparable voice. It is a great pleasure to be able to remember her ”, she confesses.

In the 1980s, Rocío Dúrcal’s career took a new turn when she went to live in Mexico and was produced by Juan Gabriel.


Ana María Alías Vega, her given name, is no stranger to tropical rhythms, and of course, merengue and bachata also accompanied her throughout her growth in life.

In his previous presentation in Santo Domingo, he had already flirted on stage with Maridalia Hernández with some songs from 4.40, but now Federico Méndez, musical director of the concert, has put together four songs by Juan Luis Guerra with which he hopes to honor the artist and Show your skill in these “spicy” rhythms. “Although Juan Luis also has beautiful ballads and we will make a medley of the songs with which I feel more identified”, he assures.

She adds: “We do it with all the pleasure in the world, it is another important reference point for music, I have sung and danced to its songs, and I think it is an emblem of this island and it must be done with great affection.”


Being influenced by the new rhythms that occupy the attention of today’s new entertainment consumers is not the artist’s intention.

“What I have been doing along the way is the search to expand and be curious, and the music and text that I am incorporating, taking care of the message and the poetry, I think innovation is important, it is true that in the end, one is doing that music with which she feels identified, traditional music, that taste for good lyrics, in the end my intention is to make great songs with good lyrics and good music”.

And that’s how it has been since in his 30-year career he has shown his sensitivity in every song he sings.

Last year he presented his new musical production to “Lorca sonoro”, in which he revives Federico García Lorca through the paths of music and words. An album recorded live, a tribute project to Lorca.

The artist worked together with the musician and producer Jacob Sureda. Composed of 10 tracks, it delves from the copla into jazz fusion with flamenco touches. As the first advance “Baladilla de los tres ríos”, with music by Jorge Marazu. As guests also Rozalén, José Tellez, Elvira Sastre and Carmelo Gómez.

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