Railroad jam in UK, will there be a strike of planes now?

London: The wheel of the train is jammed in the UK, but the direction the situation is heading, raises the perplexing question of whether there will be a strike of planes now.

According to the British media, the railway wheel is jammed in the country, today is the third day of the strike of 40,000 railway employees, the railway stations have become deserted.

Underground rail service in London has also been partially disrupted, leaving millions stranded, with striking workers demanding a pay rise and reinstatement of sacked workers.

On the other hand, after the railways, the airlines have also signaled a strike. Due to global inflation, the inflation rate in the UK has also reached 9%.

In Belgium, more than 300 flights have been canceled due to a strike by pilots and crew members, and thousands of passengers have been stranded at airports.

The Railways, Maritime and Transport (RMT) union called the strike a success, saying more than 40,000 members had walked out once again.

“Our members stand up for all workers’ pay rises and job security. In a modern economy, workers need to be paid fairly for their work, enjoy good conditions and have peace of mind,” said McLinch, the union’s secretary general. Needs that their job will not be taken away from them.

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