Raikkonen and his secret love for motocross

The Finnish rider, who became Formula 1 World Champion in 2007, has made some controversial statements about his passion for motocross, with Raikkonen even admitting that he lied to his teams during his time in the Big Circus

Known as “Iceman” in the motorsport world, he has always been distinguished by his unique character and personality going against the tide. After a triumphant spell at Ferrari, the Finn has made it clear that Formula 1 was not just his passion. In a recent twist, it has come to light the love of Kimi Raikkonen for motocrossa sport he pursued in secret throughout his career in the highest category of motorsport.

Raikkonen has confessed to riding motocross during his Formula 1 races
Kimi Raikkonen has caused a stir with his hobby, which he pursued behind the backs of his teams

A unique champion for Ferrari

After the golden age of Schumacher, in which Ferrari won five consecutive titles between 2000 and 2004, only one driver led the “Scuderia” to the top in the next 18 championships. This pilot is Kimi Raikkonen. In his debut season with Ferrari in 2007, he secured the championship after an impressive comeback against the two McLarens Lewis Hamilton And Fernando Alonso.

Raikkonen’s character, paired with his concise style in front of the press, has won the hearts of motorsport fans. But beyond his success on the track, it’s his hidden passion that’s been causing quite a stir lately. Especially after I confessed that he practiced it behind the backs of his teamswhich could have serious consequences if caught.

The hidden fascination for motocross

After withdrawing from formula 1Raikkonen founded his own motocross team in 2022, Ice One Racing, which rides official Kawasaki motorcycles. This initiative has already borne fruit: one of its pilots, Romain Febvrehas accumulated six wins in the MXGP Championship.

In a recent chat with Speedweek, Raikkonen dropped a surprise about his relationship with motocross. During his time as an F1 driver, he occasionally entered smaller races for fun. “At home I have a small track where I play with my children. I don’t race at the highest level, but I have used motocross as part of my training routine. It’s always been like that throughout my career.”he commented in his inimitable style.

These statements naturally caused a stir. Their F1 team bosses may not have welcomed the news considering how much they invest in drivers to ensure they stay in top shape. Other pilots, like Charles Leclerchas played in similar situations, such as when he parachuted in 2020 without Ferrari’s consent.

Conclusion: passions that define the pilot

As well as being a Formula 1 champion, the Finn has a passion for the sport in all its forms. The Raikkonen’s commitment to motocrossWhile it may come as a surprise to many, it confirms the Finn’s multidimensional personality. The combination of speed, precision and adrenaline seems to be the perfect combination that defines this legendary pilot. Even though the wheels change, the essence of Kimi Raikkonen remains the same: a born racer with an innate love of motorsport.

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