Rahm: “Very good balance” from 2022 but a “big thorn” with the majors

Jon Rahm, currently number 5 in the world and former number 1, makes a “very good balance” of the year 2022, although he admits that he maintains “a big thorn” with the ‘Majors’, the four major tournaments on the international calendar. “The balance is very good, maybe I didn’t start as I would have wanted but I have finished very, very well. And that is something that greatly changes the dynamics of the entire year”, said the one from Barrika in Bilbao, after receiving the Illustrious Award of Bizkaia from the Provincial Council of Bizkaia.

“I have achieved what I have achieved in sport, but there are prizes that touch the heart more than others and this is one of them”, commented Rahm, who continues to feel like “the same boy from Barrika who took a golf club and has arrived where it is”. “The essence of who I am remains the same”, the Basque golfer delved into, surrounded by his family and personalities such as, among others, the General Deputy of Bizkaia, Imanol Rementeria; the mayor of Bilbao, Juan Mari Aburto; the president of Athletic, Jon Uriarte; or the legendary international goalkeeper José Angel Iribar.

When presenting him with the award, Rementeria said that, for the institution he presides over, this Thursday, December 15, “is an extraordinary day with someone extraordinary.” Regarding sports, Rahm made “a very good balance” of 2022. “Maybe I didn’t start everything that I would have wanted, but I have finished very, very well. And that is something that greatly changes the dynamics of the entire year. In the last four months, the results of how I saw myself on the golf course were seen, which was not seen in the first five months, ”he explained.

Even so, he admits “a big, pretty big thorn” with the four big tournaments of the season. “Having almost no option in any of them, taking away from one of them, hurts a little more because in the end it’s what we’re playing for,” he assumed, somewhat surprised by the interest his hits with the ‘putt’ arouse in Spain, with which he is critical but “in a sarcastic way.”

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“Why do you ask me? Have you looked at statistics? None. This question is asked only in Spain. From August until now, between the two tours I am in the top 10 and if I have not been the first, I am close ”, closed the debate. Rahm, who is in Bizkaia for his brother Eriz’s wedding, revealed that since they have his family there, his wife and two children, he will return to the United States shortly and will not stay even to see an Athletic match , a team of which he is a fervent follower.

However, he admitted that “yes, of course” that He would like to see the Copa del Rey clash between Sestao River next Tuesday in the Las Llanas field. “If I’m here, it would be great,” he lamented. Looking ahead to 2023, he advanced that he will have “the same” aspirations as every season, since “in golf, as in tennis, there are four very important events and another four or five that are also very strong.”

In this regard, he does not believe that the appearance of the new LIV circuit, to which several of the best golfers in the world have signed up, will change the traditional calendar too much. “LIV has more appointments, what it has done is change ours, that now we have these twelve very high tournaments, which are very different from the rest. But the rest is the same, ”she considered.

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