Jon rahm has naturally assumed a mission: “My duty is to continue the legacy of It looks and try to keep golf growing a little more. “The phrase is not a pose thrown from the pulpit of a world number one, an international sports star. Rahm exercises with his feet on the ground and with his eyes facing each other. . Last Sunday, after finishing his participation in the Spanish Open, worse than he would have liked, 17th with 13 under par, the Basque stood in front of a large group of children, looked at the bodyguards who were escorting him, and said: “I’m going to sign everyone, no matter how long it takes. “. And, indeed, there he chained signatures, photos, smiles and comments with the kids for more than an hour. Shortly before he had also attended to the press without limits: “It is the last day, ask whatever questions you want.” These gestures perfectly define the Rahm athlete, and also the person, that boy from Barrika, a town of 1,500 inhabitants, who dreamed of emulating the footsteps of Severiano Ballesteros, and that he does not forget how the road was.

Rahm has pledged “to keep coming to Spain“In the future to play home tournaments, to continue his business of spreading golf. Here he has met with unlimited affection from the public, who applaud him even when he throws balls into the water.” It’s a bit strange, “he smiles. Jon, so used to the strict American fan of the PGA Tour. What is here is different. What is here is devotion to an exceptional player who, however, walks the appearance of any of us. From Biscay, of the Athletic, of good food … Rahm enjoyed last week the 42,371 fans who took the Country club for four days. And now it is the turn of the Andalusia Masters, on Valderrama, a legend field. Ideal to deploy your mission.


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