Rahm slips in the Augusta deluge

Augusta’s rain is the carrot and stick for Jon Rahm. The Basque moved like a fish in water on Friday, when he fastened two birdies between the first suspension due to bad weather and the final one, and on the morning of this Saturday, in the restart, he improved the card in conditions that filled many others with blurs. The cold and humidity did not seem like a problem for León de Barrika, who had the luxury of subtracting with a dart at 12, the heart of Amen Corner, before a hectic second-round finish.

He scratched a shot at the par 5 of the 15, bringing his total balance on long holes to -7 after the first two days. At 16, a difficult flag this time, hidden at the end of the green, he tripped for the first bogey of the week, but corrected at 17, putting it in from the collar, about twenty feet. A bitter bogey in the 18th left him at -3 to -10, two strokes behind a Koepka who, from his vantage point, with his second round completed on Friday before the delay, saw how the best golfer so far this year came up to him. season. With Bennett, an amateur, as the next best with -8, everything pointed to a duel in the rain between two ‘capos’, two guys in the circle of great champions. One of the stars of the PGA Rahm, one of the star signings of LIV Koepka. The mother of the lamb.

There was, but it remained an aperitif because the rain did not let up and Augusta, even though it has one of the best drainages in the world, began to drown in the downpour. The third round was canceled with the stellar match on the seventh hole and what would be the fifth final on Monday in the history of the tournament continues to gain strength. In principle there is room to finish on Sunday, but another break would be difficult to recover. Whatever happens, Rahm will reach the last day of the week four shots behind Koepka, with +1 for -9 after missing a hit yesterday in the first third of the field with a bad approach at the 4th and a triparte at the 5th. The good news is that he continued his good progress on par 5s, -8 in the nine he has played so far after birdie at 2, a key statistic to win the Masters. The bad news is that in front is the premium version of Koepka, the infallible one: an eagle, eleven birdies, the last one before the evacuation, and only one bogey. At -1 to -13, He will have to do his part so that there is a fourth Spanish green jacket.

Tiger resists Augusta

Tiger Woods signed up for the Masters weekend for the 23rd consecutive time. Not even in her lowest hours, at least physically, can Augusta beat Tigre, who this Saturday, in the resumption of a second round suspended on Friday due to bad weather, narrowly managed to make the cut with a +1 card for +3. He tied the statistics with the South African Gary Player and the American Fred Couples, who threw a +2 for +1, the oldest in history to do so at 63 years and 187 days.

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It has been painful again to see Woods ride the seesaw that is Augusta between winces of pain. No day has he beaten the field, with rounds of 74 and 73 shots, and only the carnage of results that caused the rain on Saturday morning raised the bar to +3 that gave him a place in the last two rounds.. The Californian has not achieved any birdie outside of par 5s except the one he birdied at 16 on the first day. He’s more or less kept him afloat by his knowledge of the field and the fact that he’s an excellent kicker. “I love this course and I love playing this tournament. I’ve missed a few because of my injuries, but I’ve always wanted to play here. I have another chance to play at the weekend, which is what I wanted. Two more rounds”, said a face-stricken Tiger, with an exhausted face.

It stings especially for him because, of everything Tiger has achieved in a legendary career, what stands out the most are those five green jackets. He has nine other top-10s at the Masters, six in a row from 2006 to 2011, seven including his 2005 victory. No one has come remotely close to his share of authority at this major throughout the 21st century.. She missed the cut in 1996, her first professional appearance, and she hasn’t missed a single weekend in Georgia since. Not even between 2009 and 2017, the years of infidelities, excesses and operating rooms, did a cut fail. It will depend on her body that she approaches 37 Nicklaus. With what he has shown again before the cameras this week, they seem far away. In the seven holes that he was able to play before the game stopped again, he penalized with a +6 to +9 that left him last.

The one who did defeat Augusta was a Sergio García whose problems are not in mobility. They are things of the head, as he himself has admitted, perhaps bothered by the PGA–LIV rivalry who has marked this Masters. The one from Borriol, who already left the field crooked on Friday with a +3 for +5 in 14 holes and added three more bogeys for a birdie in the last four to close at +5 for +7. “I don’t know if I will play the previous ones of the US Open and The Open. We will see”, a García confessed to Movistar who believes that “all the importance it deserves” is not given to the trees fallen by the wind on the second day. This was the only big one he was guaranteed, thanks to the lifetime exemption he enjoys as champion in 2017, since LIV remains without world ranking points.

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