Rafa Nadal’s uncle throws the final blow to Djokovic and the ATP explodes

Toni Nadal, uncle of Rafael Nadal spoke to the media of communication and there he referred to other great tennis players and also his nephew. The coach has considered that there are two main reasons why the Serbian is not as loved as his nephew or Roger Federer.

In addition, there are many tennis fans who have always wondered if it is so loved Novak Djokovic What Rafa Nadal or Roger Federer. Regarding this, it can easily be said that no. A few words that came as a great surprise, since many thought that it could be the opposite.

The Serbian is the player who has to break the most numbers in the triple tie at 20 Grand Slams that he maintains with the Spanish and the Swiss. But at the same time, he does not just win the hearts of the fans as much as they do. According to Toni Nadal there are two reasons that would explain this fact.

“It has hurt him to come to the circuit when there was already a rivalry between Roger and Rafa; they were two opposing styles, two different trajectories, and that dazzled people. I believe that Novak’s ego has betrayed him when it comes to having some behaviors on the track that are incompatible with the number 1 that he is ”.

Likewise, it should be remembered that last February Toni Nadal already threw a blow to the tennis player Djokovic. This after requesting medical assistance when Taylor Fritz was tracing him in the third round of the Australian Open. This did bring many surprises to fans of good tennis.

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“It is surprising that the famous, Novak Djokovic is bothered and then disappears overnight. I will not be the one who questions whether his pain is true or not, something common in an athlete, but he probably hides it less than he should, “he wrote.

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