Rafa Nadal’s uncle shakes Djokovic before Wimbledon quarterfinals

The also former coach of the Spanish tennis player has stated that Nole is one step below

In the last few hours Rafael’s uncle nadal He has given an interview in which he has spoken openly about the debate of who is the best of the Big-3 and has explained the different factors that can justify it. His words undoubtedly generated a great debate among sports fans.

In addition, Rafa Nadal’s uncle has confessed before the microphones that his nephew wants to return and has also stated that he is preparing very well at the Rafa Nadal Academy: “Right now he’s here at the academy, training. Within a month you will be able to start training on the track“.

rafa nadal uncle
Toni Nadal has referred to the current situation of the Serbian

Through his statements, Rafa Nadal’s uncle is more forceful than ever

On the other hand, Toni has had no problem pointing out his point of view on the battle for the GOAT: “Federer and Nadal have transcended their sport more than Djokovic. And Federer has transcended his sport more than anyone, ”Rafa’s former coach began by saying, but it did not end there.

“I think the one who has managed to play at a better level and do more difficult things is Federer, the one who has won the most is Djokovic and if we told Rafael everything he hasn’t played due to injury, probably would have earned more than the others”, he commented to make his point of view clear.

In addition, he confirmed that his nephew is training very well physically

Likewise, Nadal’s former coach also attacked the large number of tournaments that are played today on the hard court circuit, motivating an inequality in which Rafa has not benefited: “We live on a circuit where you always play on a hard court”.

My nephew always plays three Grand Slams on the surface that is not going well for him and one on the surface that does well. He has played all the Masters always on that surface that does not favor him. In the world of sport, the leader can unbalance the balance to one side or the other”.

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