Rafa Nadal’s secret food to be a sweep in ATP tournaments at his age

Rafa Nadal's secret food to be a sweep in ATP tournaments at his age

The Balearic tennis player has referred to the way in which he eats to be able to compete at the highest level despite his 36 years

Rafael Nadal It’s one of the greatest tennis players of all time which is still valid despite his age, which is why one of the great bases for him to continue in the fight for titles, It has to do with a secret food. The Spaniard who is now recovering from injury has revealed a detail which is by no means minor.

Let’s remember that the Spaniard has been competing at the highest level during this 2022, reaching great titles. Even his performance was such that he was very close to retaking the number 1 in the ATP ranking. He was only outmatched Carlos Alcaraz, who swept the last stage of this year.

food rafa nadal
Nadal has obtained great titles due to his diet

Rafa Nadal makes it clear what is the secret food that always keeps him in optimal conditions to compete

In this way, many have questioned the secret that keeps Rafa Nadal in good condition despite his age and this has to do with food. The 36-year-old tennis player has revealed that good nutrition is essential for any athlete, since it will determine his performance.

In this order of ideas, in recent statements, he has commented that what he always consumes is olive oil and olives. He always includes these two options in his diet, which are highly recommended by all nutritionists in the world. “Every morning I have toasted bread with olive oil for breakfast”. The tennis player has commented.

And it is that the Manacorí has ​​always been active and with few injuries in his career, thanks to what he eats

“It is an immovable part of my diet and my way of eating. Combining a balanced diet with the practice of sport makes you a better person, makes you feel better”. This is what the ‘King of clay’ has additionally commented in an interview about nutrition and food in sport.

This is Rafa Nadal’s secret food for always staying active and continuing to dispute titles. For now, the Manacorí hopes to recover 100% to give good performances in his career. He still does not consider retirement and therefore eats olive oil and olives in the best way, which is endorsed by doctors and nutritionists.


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